Successful Blueberry Pancakes!

Making blueberry pancakes can be a bit tricky because if the batter is too thick and the burner is too hot, the pancakes end up being raw on inside and overcooked on the outside. The large blueberries in the batter can contribute to this problem.

A recipe posted by Deb @everything.sourdough worked out very well for making sourdough blueberry pancakes. The full recipe is posted on her Instagram account everything.sourdough noted above and is uploaded in the slideshow below. Deb gave me permission to share screenshots of her recipe so I can share it with you.

I made these pancakes with Vermont whole wheat pastry flour that I purchased at Burlington’s City Market/Onion River Co-op and added three heaping tablespoons of raw wheat germ because I love the nutty taste of wheat germ in pancakes. This did thicken up the batter, but it still worked out great.

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