Blueberry Peach Coffee Cake

I hope you enjoy the last of the summertime berry season. Berries including blueberries are still abundant right now in the Burlington City Market where I love to food shop. It’s so great how Vermont’s co-ops support local growers. You just don’t see that kind of local support at the big supermarkets.

This amazing coffee cake recipe was found during the 1990s at one of Vermont’s blueberry picking locations. Consequently, I can not give credit to a specific website or person. However, I am uploading my stained index recipe card for you (from my beat up recipe box). The card is located under the menu titled Desserts and it lists the ingredients as well as the directions.

Try it out and you won’t be disappointed. No sourdough needed…just a few minutes of your time and some fresh blueberries (oh, and ice cream on top is heavenly).

Let me know what you think! ~ Carole

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