Nepali Thukpa

Nepali thukpa is a beautiful and delicious noodle soup. The bowl is first filled with precooked noodles and then the meat, vegetables, broth and toppings are placed on top. It is a comfort food among the Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian communities.

One of the immense joys of being a school librarian was the opportunity to learn about the Nepali culture from our school’s active Nepali community. Recently, I contacted a former student and asked her if she would be willing to recommend any Nepali recipes. She responded that she loved thukpa and sent me a few how-to video links. As I researched, it was incredible to learn about how many varieties there are.

After accessing what I needed, I drove to our local Asian Market where I spoke with the Nepali store owner. He gave me several suggestions for making good Nepali thukpa. He also told me that his store is expanding to incorporate a kitchen where they will be teaching classes on how to make Nepali food. I can’t wait to sign up!

Since I love vegetables, my very first thukpa is loaded with them. I followed this How to Make Thukpa video , but I also incorporated information that I learned at the Asian Market. It took quite a while to chop all the summer vegetables and was super fun to put together. (Making thukpa together would be such a fun family or group friend event!) In the end, the aromas were so enticing that I couldn’t wait to try it!

I am excited to improve my skills making thukpa! Let me know if you make it, or have made it and share your favorite recipe links with us in the comment section. ~ Carole

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