Amazing Pesto Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese is well known as a comfort food, but adding pesto really takes it to the next level. This Creamy Pesto Mac & Cheese recipe comes from Shelley’s Cookie and Cups website. I added a can of solid tuna fish to this recipe right along with the cheese sauce. When removing the tuna from the can, I try to break the tuna in large solid chunks rather than shred or mash the tuna into the dish. I find that Diamond Solid Tuna in water is the best tuna for this because the canned tuna is already in solid pieces and easy to remove.

I used 1/2 cup of homemade basil pesto (rather than the 1/4 cup) and Vermont’s Farmhouse Cabot Reserve . These two ingredients really make this dish outstanding. The breadcrumb topping that I used was Progresso’s Italian Breadcrumb. Leave a comment if you try it out! — Good Luck! — Carole

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