Step-by-Step Birthday Chocolate Cake!

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My son enjoys chocolate cake with white frosting for his birthday. So this year, I used this Simple Chocolate Cake recipe . It is one that I have tried previously and have found to be excellent. Devin and his soon-to-be-wife, Kayla, were delighted with this chocolate cake describing it as perfectly moist and flavorful.

Happy Birthday Devin!

You can’t go wrong following the step-by-step video with Stephanie Jaworski. She does such a terrific job describing exactly what to do. (I did add freshly brewed hazelnut coffee and not the water to this recipe.)

The buttercream frosting by Heather from the The Toasty Kitchen is a Whipped Buttercream Frosting recipe that is loaded with butter! Consequently, I frosted only the middle as well as the top and froze the rest. Hersey’s chocolate is sprinkled on the top.

There is a quick helpful video on The Toasty Kitchen blog to preview before making the frosting. #toastykitchen

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