Corn Soup w/Tempeh Bacon

Autumn days bring less light, reading under warm blankets, and bowls of freshly made soup. One rainy evening, while scanning The Ugly Duckling Bakery food blog, images and ingredients for this creamy Sweet Corn Soup with Bacon and Potatoes seemed particularly appealing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know where I could purchase corn-on-the-cob this time of year. I also wanted to make it without using animal bacon. So I made the broth using frozen corn and replaced the animal bacon with sliced tempeh bacon. The rest of this recipe I made as directed and it came out great!

Topped with fried tempeh bacon pieces and chopped green onion, this soup had the warmth I was looking for. It was served with my homemade sourdough bread toasted and drizzled with olive oil. — Carole

Sweet Corn Soup with Tempeh Bacon and Potatoes @uglyduckingbakery

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