The Kitchen Front

“This book is about friendship and sisters, and I am incredibly fortunate to have an exceedingly dear friend who also happens to be my sister.” — Jennifer Ryan author of The Kitchen Front

Having three exuberant and loving sisters (no brothers) and a spirited energetic mother, I always felt that I was part of something collectively unique and powerful. Our family bond, female love, and friendship have provided me with the confidence and inner strength to go out in the world and take risks. It is no wonder then, that I was drawn to and delighted reading The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan.

The Kitchen Front is a novel about four British women, two of them are sisters, who compete in a cooking contest during WWII. During a time when all efforts were diverted for the war, food was rationed and distributed so that everyone had the opportunity to have their fair share. An austere food supply meant that cooks had to use their allocations wisely and sparingly.

The fictionalized cooking contest, sponsored by the real-life BBC radio broadcast program The Kitchen Front, was a form of exciting entertainment during the war. It required that the contestants create their finest dishes using everyday food rations. This contest event, including individual presentations and the judge’s selections, was open to public approval as well as scrutiny. The winner would become the first woman ever to co-host the show, have financial independence, and be incredibly famous.

The depth of the plot is the story behind these four resourceful women whose lives become intertwined and the bond between them. All of them have compelling reasons to triumph and they ultimately do.

The novel is scattered with old-time cooking recipes (most of which I would never try) that are full of unusual ingredients and detailed directions.

This is a fantastic foodie fiction novel recommendation from Vermont Food Librarian.

Recommended interest age – Adult

Happy baking, cooking, and reading! — Carole

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