Yummy Buns!

My husband and I awoke this morning and were excited to make delicious breakfast sandwiches with these yummy Sourdough Buns from King Arthur. The cornmeal dusting, relatively dense structure, and healthy ingredients make them a perfect sandwich bread.

They are made with active sourdough, egg, milk, a little sugar, and two tablespoons of melted butter. Following the recipe instructions, I used my Kitchen Aid mixture and blended all the ingredients at once, waited 40 minutes or so to let the dough rest, begin separating them and then place them into 8 English muffin rings. The rising was quick since the recipe requires adding dry yeast.

The final results were golden brown buns with cute rounded puffy tops! Best of all they tasted great!

May this coming year 2022 bring health to our country, our families, and our friends. — Carole

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