Rosemary & Olive Sourdough Focaccia

This Easy Sourdough Focaccia recipe by Elien from her blog site, Home Grown Happiness is a must share. For those who may not know what Focaccia is, it is an Italian flatbread that is commonly topped with olive oil and a variety of herbs. I have attempted to make Focaccia using other recipes, but this one is definitely the easiest and most successful. It is made with a naturally fermented sourdough starter and uses no commercial yeast. My sourdough starter was very active and bubbly when I started the process.

I appreciate the interesting information and the simple directions. The final bread is rich with olive oil flavor and, unlike some sourdough recipes, it stays moist for several days. I did not use a skillet for baking the Focaccia. Instead, I used my large cast-iron Dutch oven (uncovered).

Any topping can be used, but I used Elien’s recommendations which are chopped rosemary, kalamata olives, and sea salt. I also added fresh Mexican oregano and sun-dried tomatoes. I poured a bit of the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes over the dough before baking.

This Focaccia was beyond amazing! — Carole

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