La Cuisine Paris

Never make plans with a croissant, they are flaky. – from ReadBeach

This croissant quote made me laugh, but it’s partly true! Delicious croissants are quite flaky and light. We hardly realize that they are “empty calories” because they are delightfully and delicately sweet.

I had fun making authentic French croissants through La Cuisine Paris online video classes. I received these classes when I retired as a middle school librarian. The Edmunds Middle School teachers knew that I enjoy baking and cooking and purchased a gift certificate for three La Cuisine Paris classes of my choice! It was a simple enrollment process and voila! I was all set to begin! Of the three classes, making the croissant was the most fun!

The decadent idea of rolling butter between sweetened dough was foreign to me. Folding and rolling dough was relatively easy too. The freshly baked croissants turned out to be beautifully golden, crispy, sweet, and, yes, swirly flaky.

The La Cuisine Paris online classes are fantastic and the French instructors are very entertaining. For approximately $32., a video class provides historical information, equipment, and a full ingredient list to preview. It offers step-by-step video instruction, clear written directions, and downloadable pdfs. There is also a bonus video & instructions for elaborating on the existing baking or cooking instructions. Additionally, the classes are available for one year allowing the participant access multiple times!

Always make plans with a croissant is what I say! πŸ˜‰

And if you can not travel to Paris to attend a baking or cooking class (which would be sooo incredible), these La Cusine Paris online classes are the next best thing! Bon Apetit! — Carole

La Cuisine Cooking Classes Paris

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