Recipes between Friends

Recipes discovered online are great, but a good cookbook is a treasure!

My lovely sister, Nancy, recently gifted me a colorful spiral-bound cookbook filled with bright photographs and easy-to-read recipes. Titled, Recipes Between Friends, this slim cookbook is filled with tested and true recipes from community members in Pasco County, Florida. It was compiled by Friends of the Library where Nancy is a library administrator and a strong supporter of public libraries.

After browsing through the appetizing food photographs, I was excited to try making some of the recipes. The first one I tried was Pasta e Ceci by Catherine Seavey. It was simple to make and delicious! I also made the Mixed Vegetable Curry by Hasina Akhter and the Riced Cauliflower Fried Rice by Denise Belasic. These vegetarian dishes were so good!

Recipes between Friends include both meat recipes (Sicilian Chicken by Oslec & Gisele S. Fernandez) and vegetarian (Cheat Balls by Shari Bresin). There are also snacks, side dishes, and desserts that I can’t wait to try including a Biscotti recipe with bourbon soaked anise seed by Diane Kortus.

If interested in obtaining this wonderful cookbook for your collection while also supporting the public library, contact Kiersten Backus The cost for Recipes between Friends is $20.00.

Recipes between Friends, what a great title! — Carole

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