Grandma’s Lavender Cookies

“Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy.” – from ‘The Painting of Mrs. Ravensbrook’ by Laura Chouette

Lavender may be delicate, but its fragrance is intense! My backyard garden has a burgeoning Munstead Lavender plant with deep purple flowers. They were so abundant this season that I was able to create a beautiful lavender wreath and tuck lavender vases on bedroom tables. Reading about Meghan’s memories and baking her recipe Grandma’s Lavender Cookies added to the joy of working with lavender.

This is a simple butter/sugar cookie with a hint of lavender flavor. It is important to only use a small amount of dried lavender because this potent herb can easily overwhelm the palate creating a bitter aftertaste. Unable to obtain lavender extract for the icing, I successfully made it from scratch and I am sharing the recipe below.

Overall this is a lovely cookie to enjoy with a cup of tea. The dappled purple flowers on the icing added special photographic appeal.

Happy Summertime! — Carole

Grandma’s Lavender Cookies – from CakenKnife

Lavender extract – from Milk + Pop

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