Anise & Apricots

This artisan apricot sourdough bread developed by Sophie MacKenzie is delightful yet has no sugar! I particularly enjoyed the unique subtle anise flavor created by adding anise seeds. Twice made, this recipe turned out to be fantastic sandwich bread or incredibly delicious sliced for snacking.

Any sourdough bread baker would find this bread easy and fun. Stretching and folding this well-hydrated dough* with lovely soft dried apricots has a light pleasing feel. I purchased Nature’s Garden Probiotic Apricots which were “irresistibly plump and succulent” and added chopped soaked pieces to the dough. I used my homemade sourdough starter which was bubbly and active.

By the second day of fermentation (a 2-day recipe), the dough was bursting from my banneton with live cultures. The final bread, baked in a dutch oven, had that crusty exterior we all look for in artisan bread and an airy interior with soft sweet apricots and anise seeds interspersed.

Be bold and try this naturally sweet fruity sourdough recipe!

Apricot Sourdough with Anise on Baked_the blog (the information and photos are excellent) About food developer Sophie McKenzie

* Used King Arthur Bread Flour & Nature’s Garden Probiotic Apricots

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