Great Biscotti Recipes for Beginners

The first time I truly enjoyed a biscotti was while relaxing at Muddy Waters, a cozy cafe in downtown Burlington, Vermont. During my short lunch break from the school library, I would take time for myself among the cafe’s dark woody walls. Cuddled in one of their comfy chairs with a cup of coffee and a crunchy coffee-dunked biscotti, I could finally unwind.

Since retiring, I hoped to replicate the comfort of a warm cup of coffee or tea with homemade biscotti. It turns out that making biscotti is a relatively simple process! My preference is a biscotti without a lot of butter. Fortunately, I discovered a terrific beginner recipe, Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti created by Stephanie Jaworski. She has many biscotti recipes and video online for beginners.  

My recent biscotti recipe (and images) is from a website called, She Loves Biscotti created by Maria Vannelli. Her website specializes in biscotti along with other Italian recipes. The Almond Biscotti from her website did use olive oil. I added a half cup of cranberries and reduced the toasted almonds to half cup. These biscotti taste great and freeze well.

The fun thing about biscotti is that if you get a good basic recipe, you can adapt it with different dried fruit and nuts. This season, I wanted to make my biscotti more festive by dipping them in chocolate and covering them with chopped almonds and coconut. They look great for the holidays if I don’t eat them all first!

Here are links to the pages mentioned. Have fun making biscotti this holiday season! Comment any thoughts that you have. I’d love to hear from you.

Maria Vannelli’s Almond Biscotti recipe

Stephanie Jaworski’s Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti recipe (Joy of Baking)

Take a look inside Muddy Waters, Burlington, Vermont open 7 days a week!

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