Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Gimbap

There is much in our world that inspires us to do what we love.

Recently my husband and I watched a fun Netflix series, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In each episode, Attorney Woo Young Woo, an autistic genius, is involved in intriguing court cases. This Korean film is full of comedic drama and delightful romance. Attorney Woo’s innocence, fascination with whales, and whale-inspired revelations add to the show’s charm.

Throughout the series, Attorney Woo enjoys a delicious-looking Gimbap exclusively as her go-to food. I wanted to try making it for myself and began my search for a vegetarian Gimbap recipe. I discovered a vegan one from Lisa Kitahara’s website, Okonomi Kitchen. But before beginning the process, I had to obtain the ingredients!

Fortunately, we have an Asian Mart right here in Northern Vermont. The store is full of wonderful healthy-looking vegetables (even in the winter). The owner, Damber, is extremely kind and helpful! His locally-owned store is a treasure in our area. It has everything a person would want for Asian cooking and personal assistance that is unheard of in commercial supermarkets. Damber helped me locate unfamiliar burdock root and yellow pickled radish used in Gimbap.

Preparing Gimbap is a fair amount of work. However, the recipe made 7 long rolls resulting in almost 40 slices. My second session improved from the first one and I learned a few important lessons. 1. Salting enhances the flavor. 2. Spread less rice on the seaweed (Nori) and add more vegetables before rolling it. 3. Use a sharp knife for cutting, preferably oiled.

Continuing to discover Korean food has been amazing. Learning about food from other cultures helps us appreciate the diversity in our world. Watching Korean media and discovering Gimbap reminds me that there is so much to learn in this world. — jal meokkessumnida Carole

This video, Woo Young Woo’s Extraordinary Gimbap Tutorial will be helpful to anyone trying to make Gimbap. I recently discovered it and decided to share it

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    1. Hello Dorothy. Essex Junction, Vermont. 60D Pearl St, Essex Junction, VT 05452 They are located in the back of the buildings.


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