Pumpkin Sourdough Spice Pancakes

Made with roasted pumpkin puree, this Sourdough Pumpkin Pancake recipe comes from one of my favorite food blogs, Taste of Lizzy T*. I followed the recipe exactly and they came out fluffy with a delightful pumpkin taste. It’s a great way to use your sourdough discard. I cut the recipe in half and there wereContinue reading “Pumpkin Sourdough Spice Pancakes”


Successful Blueberry Pancakes! Making blueberry pancakes can be a bit tricky because if the batter is too thick and the burner is too hot, the pancakes end up being raw on inside and overcooked on the outside. The large blueberries in the batter can contribute to this problem. A recipe posted by Deb @everything.sourdough workedContinue reading “everything.sourdough”