Morning Glory

These healthy and hearty Sourdough Morning Glory Muffins are from a collaborative 5-women-across-Canada food recipe website titled, Baked. They are made with grated carrots, apples, unsweetened coconut, and pumpkin seeds. When I removed them from the oven, I enjoyed one right away and found it mildly sweet with a soft crunch. They are made withContinue reading “Morning Glory”

VT Librarian’s Foodie Book Recommendation

I was in my glory recently. I had had a chance to cook dinner, entertain, and engage in fun conversations about books, food, sourdough, and technology including discussing the various Dr. Who characters. Our nephew, Rob, a prodigious reader, and co-founder of a software company, and his newly found love, Samantha, joined my husband andContinue reading “VT Librarian’s Foodie Book Recommendation”

Things I’ve Learned About Sourdough Baguettes

Making sourdough baguettes can be challenging. The best sourdough baguettes, in my opinion, have a crusty exterior and a soft inside with large holes. A baked baguette that is on the flat side makes a great crusty sandwich. A crusty round baguette, however, is best for breaking off pieces and eating with homemade soup orContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned About Sourdough Baguettes”